The Parade, Norwood

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  • Colonist Tavern

    Colonist Tavern

    Going strong since 1851, The Colonist's charm and character is ever present and is supported by some of the best pub food Norwood and South Australia has to offer. Read more >



  • Your daily grind can make a daily difference!

    Your daily grind can make a daily difference!

    Don’t let your coffee habit harm the environment. Next time you grab a coffee bring along your own reusable cup and receive a discount at participating businesses.

    Read more >

  • couture+love+madness


    couture+love+madness is a bespoke made-to-measure service focusing on bridal, red-carpet, formal and evening wear for women, with fabrics sourced from around the world to create the piece of your dreams. Read more >


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